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Pond & Lake Management

At Twin Oaks Ponds, we’re pleased to provide complete pond and lake management services including fishery management and consulting. Whether you have an urgent need for corrective action at your lake or pond, or want to establish an ongoing program to make it the very best it can be.


Vegetation Control

Aquatic vegetation typically has a bad reputation in private pond management. If left unchecked, it becomes expensive to control, limits sportfish from feeding efficiently and greatly frustrates anglers. We will develop a plan to manage your aquatic vegetation.

Lake Aeration

Aeration brings water and air in close contact by exposing water to the air or by introducing small bubbles of air (the smaller the bubble, the better) and letting them rise through the water.

Water Quality

Water quality is extremely important and monitoring certain parameters of water quality can be beneficial.


Lake Survey

Electrofishing is an excellent tool for biologists to profile common species, their pattern of development and your lake’s food chain.